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BlackCoffee| Would You Date Someone With A Pre-Existing Condition?


• Heyyyy Readers! Beezy here with another #BZTopic, but before I start I want to annouce that i have officially started my own blog site SocialRiot30. Of course i will still be here on GoodGarbs every week with a #BZtopic but now you can read up on my daily topics and feelings. GO VISIT! Okay, now back to the topic  for you to ponder on today. Brainstorming, as I often do, I began to wonder how difficult is it for those with pre-existing conditions in the dating world today. Then I had to ask would I ever date someone who announced they were living with a condition they may never get rid of. Of course I had to bring this to my favorite readers & see what responses I would get. So, Would You Ever Date Someone With A Pre-existing Condition? It’s love at first sight but for the rest of your life you have to monitor this condition your love one is living with. Could you do this?

Of Course I Want to Hear your opinion but first visit BlackCoffee so you can see how I feel about this.

P.S. Tonight I’m On BlogTalk Radio with My Show “Social Riot” & Dont Forget To Visit My Site.

XOXO -Beezy

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