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Lifestyle & Food|Watch The First Episode of “F*ck, That’s Delicious” w. Action Bronson

• FINALLY!!!! So The First Episode of the highly anticipated series “F*ck, That’s Delicious” has made it. Produced by Vice’s newest food channel Munchies, the series is hosted by our favorite ex-gourmet chef turn rapper, BAM BAM a.k.a. Bronsalino b.k.a.  Action Bronson and naturally he is doing what he loves in the first preview … EATING! Fresh From Tour with Eminem, Bronson gives us insight of the ventures he encountered during his travels around the world, while stopping at a renown Italian restaurant and incredible ice cream parlor in New York. He speaks about his worldwide visits and the delectable meals he indulged in while taking stage and being a tourist. This first episode show for a promising series of foodporn like we have never seen before. The Man Action Bronson is a beast in the booth and over a plate of grilled delights. Check out the video and come back for the next Episode!

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