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Art| Detroit Based Artist “ZaeDough”


• Detroit is a city who has a backbone based off talent, music and creativity. Many great names have arrived on the scene from this great city and the next on the list is Artist by the name ‘ZaeDough‘. Born Isaiah J. Tate, Zay has stepped on the artistic scene at a very early age but developed himself into ZaeDough during his college career at Rutgers University. The artist has transformed his brand into a known name throughout the Tri-States and is doing so with great passion. Using Historical figures and trends of our youth today, Zaedough creates timeless pieces that speak to every 80’s baby and Kids of the 90’s. Simpsons, Ursula for Little Mermaid, Spike Lee, Nefertiti and many more are inspirations to a lot of his artworks. The Blurred Box head has become the spokesperson for Zaedough and can be seen on many event fliers all-over. GoodGarbs had a chance to sit with the artist and receive an exclusive interview. Check It Out Below!

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GoodGarbs:  Zeadough is a unique name, what is the origin of the name and whats the message you want portrayed?

Zaedough: Haha, well it’s a long story, but my good friend Khalil from Razor Sharp Barber shop helped me come up with the name. We were planning an event together and he was like, “You need a fresh art name.”  Minutes later he shot me a text w/ the name Zaedough. It’s a combination of my nickname Zay and from a greeting we use in Detroit, which is “What up doe?” It brings to life so many different things about my personality and City. I wrote it down on paper, it looked good, so I said let’s rock! Lol Nothing huge I want portrayed, the name makes sense so I just rock w/ it.

GoodGarbs: Rumor has it you do more than just paint, we at GoodGarbs want to know how do your other skills help your design method/style, if at all?

Zaedough: Everything I do goes together. Because I also rap & act I see the world visually. Everything is like a movie. I take the good the bad the ugly and mix it together. Because I have certain measures of versatility I never consider myself to be limited. I always have another medium to gain inspiration from. And that’s what keeps me motivated to complete pieces. That and my excitement to show them to the world.

GoodGarbs:Who/What influenced you to start painting in the first place?

Zaedough:  I think certain icons in the rap culture who collected art, put me on to different artist. Pharell, Kanye, Breezy. I was put on to artist like Kaws, Ron English, who actually lives in Jersey, Banksy, just to name a few. Seeing how fun their art was, made me want to express the whacky world going on in my brain. So I started exactly that. It’s been almost 2 years and I see myself consistently evolving.

GoodGarbs:Growing up in Detriot, what about that city help sculp your choice in designs? What cultural influences have shaped your crafting technique?

Zaedough: Man, Detroit just has mad flava. We just have a style of our own. We don’t follow the trends going on in the world. We just do us. And that has taught me to just be me. Not to confirm to any particular style, but to learn from the greats but blaze your own trail. What sets me apart stylistically are my concepts. Anybody can bite a style but not many can stand alone conceptually. And that is my strength. I come up with concepts that are different, stuff most people wouldn’t think about doing. And that makes me unique in my artistry.

GoodGarbs: Is Art your passion or your career?

Zaedough: It’s my passion definitely. I’ve been drawing since I was 4 years old. I love art. Always have. Your reality sometimes causes you to lose your love. And that’s what started to happen to me. I saw that people liked what I do and wanted to pay me for it, so I just was out to hustle and make a quick buck. But you can’t hustle your passion. Your passion causes you to hustle. So now I just do me. I’m Not worried about selling my stuff anymore. Real recognize real and people will see the value of what I create. Some people who don’t understand art, just want cool pictures in their homes, but some collectors want statement pieces. Pieces that provoke conversations. And that’s what I do now. Create art that become apart of the lifestyle of the collector. When you think and live that way, you can never call it a career, it’s a calling.

GoodGarbs: Whats Next?

Zaedough: Well I’m planning a huge art show for late summer based off the life of Ursula from the little Mermaid. It’s a pretty cool concept me and my director came up with that we feel will start some conversations. And my album. That doesn’t have a set date, but working hard to really create some life music. Excited for people to hear the new records. And with me you never know what to expect. You have to just keep your eyes peeled to the movement.


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