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• In Today’s world, Art is implemented in just about everything we do and furniture architects Chadhaus is no exclusion to this theory. The American furniture brand is rooted in the belief that objects should be beautiful, handcrafted, and made to last. Based in Seattle, husband and wife team Emily and Chad Robertson lovingly create new family heirlooms designed to last for generations. Besides being an amazing team this couple has evolved the definition of modern furniture by placing the specifics of design to the customer but always guaranteeing an apex of appearance and resource.

Each piece is made to order, ensuring full attention at each step of the process. Utility, fine craftsmanship, and hand-selected materials coalesce to create modern heirlooms – objects that are classic, durable, and designed to age with grace.

Chadhaus has a preference for featuring sustainable harvested Pacific Northwest Woods and recycled steel manufactured right in Seattle. Also going off the beaten track, Emily and Chad find locally fallen trees and work on salvaging the wood by removing the logs with their crane, commissioning a local sawmill to process the wood into boards, allowing the wood to be air dried, and finally drying the wood in a kiln. Supplementing traditional craftsmanship with modern tools, Chad and a small team of craftspeople create each piece of Chadhaus furniture using saws, chisels, sanding blocks, routers, plasma cutters, and CNC machines.

“Our pieces combine utility, fine craftsmanship, and beautiful materials to create modern heirlooms,” says Chad. “Every one of our designs has to meet the criteria of being classic, durable, and set to age with grace.”

Committed to mostly working with Seattle suppliers within a two–mile radius from their studio, Chadhaus sources raw materials from a local recycled steel manufacturer. With a commitment to ecological awareness, the Chadhaus team often rides bicycles to work, and all Chadhaus pieces are finished with low VOC finishes. In addition to their furniture line, Chadhaus partners with individuals, architects, interior designers, builders, and institutions to create custom built furniture using a truly collaborative design process.

All Chadhaus pieces are proudly designed and made in the US. The current Chadhaus collection includes coffee, side, and dining tables, barstools, chairs, benches, credenzas, dressers, islands, sideboards, lamps and beds.


S/O Kate Williams of Pistol PR


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