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Fashion|Top Swimwear Brands For Summer 2014


• With this heat break that has arrived, the beaches are becoming swormed by surfers, tanners and people who just took the day off their job to catch some fun in the sun. We at GoodGarbs see every season as an oppurtunity to notify you about what fashion choices and brands are a must have to make you look your best. Naturally, swimwear is the demand for a sweltering season like the one we are experiencing currently. Before taking a dip in the ocean or laying out the towel on the sands, we think its best you visit our friends at END and check out a few top brands that will have you fashionably suited for the sea.

As an extremely underrated essential, sartorial elegance should not stop to indoor wear and cold seasons, but should also be considered for your poolside attire. Acknowledging this fact we have outlined a list of designer shorts that need to be considered.

Taking in examples from France’s finest, Denmark’s most daring and Britain’s best, explore our choices below and head over to END’s Swimwear section to pick up your choices for this summer.

ENJOY and Visit END website.



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