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Lifestyle|Svbscription V9: Destination

• Previously introduced was a Men’s Subscription brand that has been delivering curated products and experiences to the door of Gentlemen worldwide. Working close with designers, artist, and brands, Svbscription presents high-quality collection of useful objects are on the fore-front of design. Today Svbscription presents their ninth edition dubber Destinations, and is designed for the road, the hotel and the final destination.

We know how to pack, travel well, and take all the delays and issues in our stride. Technology, good advice, accessories and tricks of the trade have elevated the act of traveling to an art form, but the transition from travel mode to fully functioning citizen of the world is not. Locations have their challenges, food varies and not all the places that we acquaint are luxurious or exotic.
V9: Destinations is less about the act of traveling and more about slipping into your routine effortlessly, whether it be relaxation, adventure, travel or business.  –Svbscription


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