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Shoes|Grenson – A Northampton Institution


•Nestled firmly in the East Midlands of England, Northampton is something of a mecca for bootmakers and cobblers alike with an industrial lineage stretching all the way back to mid-17th century. Located a stones throw away from the Brutalist architecture of the Express Lift Tower which dominates the town’s skyline, Grenson are one of the most revered of all the bootmakers to ply their trade at this historical location. Founded in 1866 by William Green – the name Grenson is an abbreviation of the original name, Green & Son – the brand were the first to use a construction method that is now noted as a hallmark of quality; the Goodyear Welt.

The latest drop sees Grenson reinvigorate classic styles whilst retaining staple silhouettes as the backbone of the collection. An example of this is one of the brand’s signature shoes, the Archie. Released in array of finishes varying from the classic leather sole to a more contemporary Vibram sole unit and paneled suede and grain leather uppers.



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