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Fashion|Y-3 New “Forward Thinking” Collection


•A collaboration between Japanese master designer Yohji Yamamoto and Germany’s sportswear legends Adidas, Y-3 combines a innovative approach to materials with a reinvention of athletic staples in order to create a progressive, elevated template for design.

A challenging designer whose work is inevitably opposed to his contemporaries, Yohji has been working with Adidas for over 10 years and his purist approach to athletic apparel has seen him amass a dedicated cult following.

Playing with proportion and appropriating a variety of traditional performance detailing, Y-3’s elaborately designed footwear and apparel is more than worthy of the description ‘forward thinking’.

Taking in some of his best designs to date, our first selections from Y-3 range from clean cut athletic staples to a carefully chosen range of his highly sought after footwear, from the Honja and Sprint to the classic Boxing Trainer.



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