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Fashion|RRL by Ralph Lauren New Season Collection


•A celebration of the workwear and apparel that has become synonymous with the history of America itself, RRL’s AW14 collection kicks off with a selection of their top quality shirting, jersey pieces and made in the USA denim.

Coming from a group of people that knows a thing or two about shirting, RRL’s Oxfords and Work shirts and expert examples of utilitarian tailoring, utilising top quality fabrics and nuanced detailing to give each piece its own unique sense of place and time.

This flair for fabric and finish translates into everything they do, with even previously humble jersey pieces lavished with incredible levels of care and attention.

What could have been just a plan logo sweater, the Popover Hoody manages to attain a real feeling of substance, thanks to its garment dyed jersey construction, vintage detailing and refined design.

Striving for real substance has yielded impressive results for RRL time and time again, often this has led to them look to the processes and equipment of America’s industrial past in order to create clothing that will stand the test of time.

Constructed from a heavy weight denim made in the USA and spun on traditional Draper shuttle looms, everything from RRL’s denim range is executed with due deference to heritage workwear design.



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