Lifestyle|Juniper Ridge ‘Topanga Canyon’ Collection


• Above is the creative visual for the creation and inspiration of the latest release from a environmental lifestyle brand Juniper Ridge. Based on all natural resources from the trails that the creators explore and visit, collections of great colognes and cabin sprays are developed. Due to the nature (no pun intended) of how these collections are established, Juniper Ridge is the world’s only wild fragrance company. A team of hikers and backpackers, far from your fashion or luxury industry types, distill their fragrances from real plants, bark, moss, mushrooms, and tree trimmings discovered along their hiking routes.

CondorTrail-Jars8CondorTrail-Map2 CondorTrail-Jars5

A hundred years ago, all perfumes were made this way. Today we’re the only ones who handle every step of the process ourselves, from beginning to end.

That process can look pretty ridiculous at times. We go camping. We crawl around in mountain meadows. We smell the wet earth beneath fir trees, and spend whiskey-fueled hours arguing over the scent of a wind sweeping over a glacier.

We make our fragrances throughout the West Coast—on dirt roads and trails, around campfires, and in our Oakland, California workshop. All to capture the quiet beauty of the Mojave Desert at sunrise, or a late-season Sierra trailhead with winter right around the corner. -Juniper Ridge




Every Juniper Ridge product has a harvest number stamped on the front of it. Unlike synthetic perfumes, our wilderness fragrances are made from real plants, so they vary from year to year and harvest to harvest, based on rainfall, temperature, and exact harvesting location. You can look up your product's harvest number on our site to see photos of the plants in your fragrance, and meet the Juniper Ridge crew who collected them.

Juniper Ridge has released several collections but their most recent is the Topanga Canyon. The unisex fragrance evokes the California coast in full bloom, and is being created into brand new products including oil based perfume, and beard and face oil. A team of researchers visited the Canyon in search of all natural ingredients to develop a luring and natural scent. Spending days in the natural habitat and putting every plant under their noses, Juniper Ridge collects, distills and delivers and amazing product. Below are just a few images of their journey and the process they rigorously go through to make you appreciate what Mother Nature has to offer.

 CondorTrail-Map juniper_ridge_bigsur-16 juniper_ridge_bigsur-22 CondorTrail-Crew7 CondorTrail-Crew5CondorTrail-HallsHands CondorTrail-Hike6 CondorTrail-Hike7 CondorTrail-Hike3

With much more to come and plenty of terrain to cover, Juniper Ridge releases Topanga Canyon to the men and women of the wilderness. They set out to find more to embark on and continue to live true to the idea that nature is the best giver of true fragrance. Visit their site to discover more collections and the Defending Wilderness Support effort that is a huge part of Juniper. Go Travel, Camp and Smell Great doing It. GOODGARBS Supports this brand!!

TopangaCanyon-Oil1 TopangaCanyon-Solid2 TopangaCanyon-Oil4CondorTrail-Products

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