Music|Watch The Music Video to “Clockwork” by Illangelo ft. Phlo Finister

• This highly Creative Music video by Illangelo featuring Phlo Finister touches the levels of visual craft and musical pioneering. The soundtrack is a alluring mix between pop and trance while delivering an amazing story of love and pain. The futuristic scenes in this video shows the advancement in technology and the creative ways to mesh this with art.

The inspiration behind “Clockwork” drew from a very stark and graphic space. We wanted to do something which felt futuristic, but at the same time was very simple and stripped back. A world so advanced, there is nothing to it except light, shape, and a moment. A few of the influences behind the video were Ghost in the Shell*, Superman’s “Phantom Zone,” the work of Akira Kurosawa, the work of Man Ray, and the work of James Turrell.


Lead Girl – Sara Cummings
Lead Girl who kicks ass – Caitlin Dechelle (
Cloaked Double – Marc Canonizado
Dying Man – Clarence Leonard

Director – Lance Drake
DP – Todd Banhazl (
Producer – John Curtis
Asst. Director – Sir Chad Nicholson
Production Designer – Tyler Jensen
Art Director – Mr. Nelson DeCastro
Stunt Choreographer – Mindy Kelly
Hair and Makeup – Meghan Nguy
Artist Stylist – Nikki Scales/ Elijah Finister
Narrative Stylist – Candice Brittan


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