Art|Photography by Katharina Jung

• Katharina Jung is a young artist from Germany who has been  into photography for only about a year but has produced some amazingly beautiful and thought-provoking images in a short span of time. Her imagination is extraordinary and she has been improving herself a lot with each upload. Katharina is revealing the inner artist through her photos set in places and ambiance you never dreamed of going. She possesses a raw beauty and innocence coupled with aesthetics that’s visible in very few photographers. Through her colors and light choices in her photos she displays dark tones, emotions, and expressions. She’s an inspiring and beautiful with enormous creativity:

Hi Katharina, introduce yourself to our readers:

Hi, I’m Katharina. I am 20 years old and after a few movements I’ve settled in my hometown Hermeskeil, which is a small town in the South-west of Germany. I’m glad to be country bred girl. I love the direct connection with nature, woods, animals and with all the trimmings. After finishing my diploma, I started an apprenticeship as a media designer ending in June. Besides photography, I love to spend my time on traveling, with my lovely friends and my boyfriend.

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