Lifestyle & Event|Massive Slip-N-Slide Down A San Francisco Street

• The other day to enjoy the summer a few friends gathered to enjoy a vigorous game of “Wii-Bowling” girls vs. guys challenge. After taking a pretty bad beating from the girls team, my team mate looked an said “Step Your Game Up!”. My response was “No Step Your Life Up!”. After making that statement the video above was shown immedaitely after as a boost of ambition for how summer should be spent. YouTube sensation Devin Super Tramp and his crew took their $85,000 cameras to the streets of San Francisco recently and got wet and wild with a few dozen thrill seekers. Take a massive tarp, some soft rubber padding underneath, and a classic San Fran hill closed off to traffic, and you’ve got the makings for one very entertaining day. Just as impressive as the setup though is the daredevil photography to capture it all. It’s an impressive piece of marketing for Bear Naked Granola, which probably tasted really good after the 12th trip back up the hill.


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