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Lifestyle|The Long Weekend -A Collaborative Film by S&H

A time off

But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t turn everything
All of your senses

A time to connect

With family
With friends
With yourself

A time for rest

And for fireworks
There is always time for fireworks.

• New to the sceen is a filmmaking brand who dedicates their services to fimmakers. Story & Heart is a video licensing platform and filmmaking community built by storytellers for storytellers. They have built a harbor for film enthusiast to comfortably place their works to a community of like-minded individuals. “A place to learn, collaborate, and encourage. A destination for authentic stories.” The video above is a collaborated piece intitled “The Long Weekend”, which shows the excitment of being free from ordinary responsibilities but bot giving up the responsibity to have fun and enjoy yourself, others and life.

Thanks to Joe Simon, Stillmotion, and our Tell Amazing Stories filmmakers who crafted this film with us.


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