Lifestyle|Undress Me – 20 Strangers Undress One Another,Film by Tatia Pilieva

• In the paste we have presented films about human interaction in some very unorthodox ways. First was First Kiss, a short film by filmmaker Tatia Pilieva, where 20 strangers meet, said hello and engaged in an acquired but exciting ‘First Kiss’. Next was The Slap, which was sort of a parody by filmmaker Max Landis capturing 40 strangers giving each other a good slap across the face. Both experimented with human interaction at a high anticipated level, but that bar just rose another level.  Tatia Pilieva is back to present “Undress Me“, which displays 20 strangers undressing one another in the name of science and embarrassment. As most would expect the nerves of each participant were out of control for the most part, but you can clearly start to see who was a pro and who was new to this action. When finally reveiled some sat in an aquired “AW” while others took advantage of this opportunity and engaged in further reveiling. Kissing, touching, exploring and rediscovery all took place at the filmming of this series. Another great job done by Tatia Pilieva.



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