Fashion & Design| Opperman, Leather Brand’s Core Collection


• We seem to continue to find friends from all over the world who are dedicated to building and distributing quality materials. Our newest friend is our European friends at OPPERMAN leather making brand. This unique brand thrives on presenting the best fabrics with amazing styling. This brand is forming a following who is intrigued by great leather and destinct designs. Opperman’s solution is to become a vertically integrated, online-only brand.

 We started to work directly with each manufacturing partner and distribute to our customers without middlemen, giving us complete control over our supply chain.


Oppermann represents a synergy of Anglo-
Swedish design. An aesthetic inspired by Swedish minimalism and the individuality of London style, where excellent crafts-
manship and sturdy constructions meet crisp lines and geometric shapes. Drawing influences from modernist architecture and design, we strip away the clutter so that what’s there, is all that’s needed. We’re on a quest to find and partner with the best manufacturers across Europe and beyond. By taking the time to find the most skilled people, we can offer you a truly unique product. One that will stand the test of time. We believe that every material and component has a tale to tell and we’d like to share them with you.

“Great design is achieved by those who know what to subtract and what to retain”




Our second line is centered around a duality of surfaces. Tumbled leather from Tärnsjö Garveri in Sweden and a smooth trim leather from Italy create an understated, but sharp contrast of textures. With the handle and trim endings receding underneath the outer panels, the collection explores the interplay of layers and surfaces.

With a softer leather, the bags are designed with a more relaxed silhoutte than our Core Collection, but keep that essential elegant appearance. The Surfaces collection is rep-resented by a duo of our newest briefcase and a compact weekend bag.


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