Fashion| Bird and Knolls Latest S/S ’14 Collection

In our attempt to find more brands dedicated to the female apparel, we have graceful come across the next winter trend that will take over online orders worldwide and be sitting in the window of many boutiques in your favorite area. A brand by the name Bird & Knoll has surfaced with the latest trend on scarves. By establishing great visuals with delicate fabrics, this females scarf designer will be a great gift for upcoming seasons.

Vacation. Just the word can be enough to pull you through a few months of grueling work, or even the longest New York winter. Capturing the fleeting moments of exotic vacations, Australian and New Zealand travelers Bird & Knoll are launching a range of luxury cashmere blend scarves featuring wanderlust inspired images of iconic destinations. Creative partnerships start in the most unlikely places. The meeting of a fashion mind(Macayla“Bird”Chapman)and a creative eye(Natalie Knoll) came about over a children’s swimming class in Sydney, and was sparked by a mutual appreciation of a fellow mother’s fashion sense. Knoll is a well regarded photographer who has worked in both London and Sydney, specializing in portraits and events. Chapman has worked closely with iconic New Zealand  fashion labels including Helen Cherry, and Workshop.

Bird & Knoll scarves provide a narrative of the modern woman’s contemporary lifestyle and travel aspirations. “We have set out to create an accessories collection that discerning women will use as the final edit of an outfit,” says Chapman. “Like a great handbag or a beautiful pair of shoes, an eye catching scarf simplifies our wearer’s life with versatility, quality, and creative impact.”


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