Music| Watch Mila J New Music Video for “Times Like These”


• Most new artist deliver new track after new track, but Mila J is taking a more direct way to build her following. Since last month she has released multiple visuals for singles  released in anticipation to her EP dubbed ‘M.I.L.A (Made In Los Angeles)’. After the release of her EP she delivered her latest visual for track “Times Like These”, which tells the story of a struggling couple who choses to stick together.

 Directed by Blue Gregory, the 7-minute short film stars the L.A. star and singer-songwriter Kevin McCall, who hits hard times after losing his job. Desperate for some form of income, Mila’s on-screen love turns to dealing on the streets, eventually getting caught by police. Faced with a life-changing dilemma after cops raid her place, Mila has to decide to snitch on McCall or take the fall. Enjoy The Video Above.

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