Music| New Music from ALA.NI “Suddenly”


• It’s hard to make a name for yourself today without the huge social media following or a feature from someone who does have a loyal fan base. With no Facebook, No downloaded music to her Soundcloud, and only seven tweets to her account, ALA.NI has still managed to build a buzz around herself. Even while remaining off the social radar, the songstress is backed by Mary J. Blige  and Andrea Bocelli. The London-based musician, producer and video director is planning her debut EP for 2015 and “Suddenly” is the introduction to a real talent.

She gives a relentless effort to pair her soulful vocals and her piano play raw and unadorned meshing of her abilities for this “Suddenly” track. The song gives reminisce of a long lost lullaby that would be heard in the score of a dramatic movie. Check out the fantastic song and its simple video above.

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