Music| New Music & Video by SupaKali & Kushton Dior


• #LittBoyzWorldWide Atlanta natives Supa Kali and Kushton Dior resurrect a collection of musical masterpieces on a short listed EP titled “Just Because”. This collaborated mix was designed to help fans manage until a album was ready, but the response showed a necessity to make more of this EP. The tracklist consisted of tracks like “44” produced by .614kg and “Touch the Sky” produced by Jordeaux. The one featured today was the cover music for what seems to be the duo’s first short film musical associated with the EP. “Thot Life”, which was produced by Cool Kennedy, was the track chosen for the first half of the short film. This first visual is a narrative clip of two ATLiens “Gunther and Scotty P” who start off a mundane Friday with a regular routine. Scotty P visits the local corner store to start his LITT wave for the day while Gunther is stuck doing laundry. The Supa Kali written and directed visual gives just enough to have you asking for more.

  “Gunther and Scotty P” go throughout this friday night in parallel mission theres always that one thing that will bring complete strangers together. -SupaKali



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