Music| Watch the Official Music Video for J. Cole’s “Apparently”

• J.Cole’s recent album release has removed a ton a weigh from his chest and has given hope to a multitude of fans and critics. Real Rap still exist and it’s currently coming from a voice based out of Fayetteville, North Carolina. Cole reached into his inner most creative corners of his being when delivering this project and his marketing team are the “real MVP’s”. With a slew of released behind the scene footage and making visits to recent locations taunted with civil unrest, Cole’s sophomore album “2014 Forest Hill Drive” is right on time. Even more accurate is his latest video release for his track “Apparently”. It describes in earnest detail previous selfish behavior of his which he deeply regrets and reaches out to apologize for, while the visuals focus on shades of blue which light up J. Cole as he performs the track. Enjoy the video below.

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