Fashion| ASICS Gel Lyte ”Valentine’s Day” Pack


• The pressure to give into the usual gimmicks standardized by what is quite possibly the most commercial holiday in modern existence (aka Valentine’s Day) has become, let’s face it, more than exhausted at this point. Sure, roses, a box of overpriced chocolates, and a reservation at that impossibly overrated restaurant are easy options that will prompt a sympathetic smirk from that significant other. But the common denominator amongst all of these offerings is that they are all temporary fixes. Luckily, for those looking to impress bae with something that’ll last longer than that digested piece of $80 overcooked filet mignon, ASICS has released a special edition of their Gel Lyte model – the 3 and 5 silhouettes respectively – in celebration of the romantic holiday.

Each makeup was inspired by two Valentine’s Day staples, roses (the Gel Lyte 5 ) and chocolate (the Gel Lyte 3), with the former featuring a red upper composed of mesh and suede and the latter  sporting a light beige hue with touches of brown on the toes, inner lining, and side panels. The pack will be released in February over at Korean retailer Kasina.

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