Music| Listen To Leon St. Heron x AbJo Present: Trilly & Truly


• Soulection’s own AbJo has been constantly blessing us with new music, and  this year alone he has two big releases dubbed “Break It Off” & “Heard, You Have“. He seems to be in a giving mood as he re-releases a collaboration project he did back in the summer of 2013 with San Diego native and good friend Leon St. Heron (aka Bam Circa ’86), entitled Trilly & Truly. The EP features some of my favorites tracks such as “Truly“, “JUST.CREW.SHIT“, &  of course “SOUFCA.RISING“.

 Leon St. Heron is a new artist on our radar but as soon as this EP begins we can tell he s the kind of artist that will be blaring out of our headquarter speakers the remainder of the day. Very lyrical and host a flow that intrigues all your rapper spider scenes. Come from the west coast he presents a universal style. The young artist even touches on some very serious subjects such as being African American in America and the trails that are faced.

AbJo has a few events coming soon, so check out the list below along with the full 8-track EP.

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