Music| 5 Awesome Music Videos Worth Checking Out


• This week in music, Jane Jupiter drifts us away into a desert oasis, Charli XCX teams up with Rita Ora for a Tarantino-style road trip, and G-Eazy offers a video diary of what it’s like to be a Tumblr girl. Check below for our picks of the most interesting visual content in music that may have slipped under your radar this week.

Jane Jupiter x Chapman – “Stargazing”

Jane Jupiter, the alter ego of electronic rapper Kid Sister, has released a new video in collaboration with NYC recording artist Chapman. Evoking a soothing Sade atmosphere where crooning R&B vocals melt over an impeccably photographed desert landscape, the video’s title track is taken from the singer’s mixtape  DUSK2DAWN: The Diary Of Jane Jupiter.

G-Eazy – “Tumblr Girls”

Oakland rapper G-Eazy’s “Tumblr Girls” offers both a video and photo montage documenting the seemingly superficial lifestyle of the “Instagram model”. Minimal clothing, “artsy” filtering, and provocative posing provide substance for the video’s eye candy appeal, which also mimics the very notion as to what garners these models’ social media prominence.

Years & Years – “King”

British synthpop trio Years & Years are subjects to physical manipulation by a troupe of touchy feely dancers in their latest video for “King”, shot in the suburbs of LA.

Charli XCX – “Doing It” feat. Rita Ora

Charli XCX embarks on a road trip across the western American countryside complete with campy roadside attractions, sleazy motels, and flashy 70s getups. Accompanied by Rita Ora, the video’s punchy colors and B-movie aesthetics were inspired by the photographic works of David Lachapelle and films such as Natural Born Killers and Thelma and Louise.

Novelist x Mumdance – 1 Sec

Grime act Novelist releases a disorienting new video for the Mumdance-produced track “1 Sec”, which takes place around a gritty locale centered in a shady London neighborhood.

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