Food & Music| Watch Action Bronson & Mario Batali Make ‘Mr. Wonderful’-Inspired Cuisine

•  The unorthodox friendship of food loving lyricist  Action Bronson and culinary idol Mario Batali seems ever so intriguing to VICE TV’s Munchies show that they could not resist turning it into a reality. F*ck, That’s Delicious, host returns to his native state New York to visit Batali at the renown venue Eataly for a few treats. Trying a few decedent delicacies such as salami, formaggi, and freshly made pizzas. The two foodies enjoy some samples while giving BamBam Bronson’s new album Mr.Wounderful a listen. After enjoying quall and a few brews Mario gives Action’s album the official approval and tips on great food. Enjoy The Video Above.

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