Art| Liberatum’s New Short Film Focuses on the Relationship Between Artistry and Technology


• Musician/singer MIA is one artist of many featured in the most recent short film by Liberatum’s directors Pablo Ganguli and Tomas Auksas in a special look at an unique relationship in the film dubbed ARTISTRY/TECHNOLOGY. During this visual you get the chance to hear insight from some of arts most influential and diversified as they explain their POV on what technology has done for art and vice a versa. This list of tastemakers of art include David Hockney, Francis Ford Coppola, Frank Gehry and Ed Ruscha, as well as other such influencers ranging from actors to musicians to designers and more. Presented the question of what has technology changed in their medium, you catch the rear glimpse of these individuals sharing ideals and experiences of the marriage between art and technology. For some it has helped and others see it hindering.

Enjoy The Visual Above and Give Your Opinion Below!

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