Music| Listen To “Something For Now” EP from @BeatsBySavon


AGO Music continues to build into a household name to all music listeners of this generation with artist like Sango & Waldo delivering music the way they are. The team continues to shine light on the rest of this astronaut squad such as producer Savon. His mysterious characteristic are evident in Savon’s artwork but productions bring a monumental momentum to the home-base. To showcase his latest projects, Savon has delivered a five-track EP titled “Something For Now” which is a phenomenal instrumental mixtape. The musical technician makes great use of heavy basses, chimes and brass instruments, hi-hats and even past voice messages from friends and family. Short yet fulfilling, ‘Something For Now’ is sure to hold fans over until the official works are done, but has definitely built the awareness and followers.

ENJOY THE FULL EP “Something For Now” ABOVE!!

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