Fashion| @AllendaleWolves Spring/Summer 2015 Collection



• “A gentleman is simply a patient wolf” is the mantra that fashion brand Allendale Wolves have adopted and made their own. Allendale is the creative manifesto that represents a collective unit while maintaining the individual personalities that comprise the brand. Each member is considered a lone wolf in regards to their independent endeavors, but join together as a pack for a common purpose and goal. Allendale’s vision is simple and clear, to create a brand that identifies the ferocity and loyalty of wolves transitioned into the efforts of entrepreneurs and artisans alike.

To showcase this distinguished lifestyle Allendale has released a Spring/Summer collection featuring fabrics such as wool, denim, poly blends, and chambray crafted into Henley shirts, hoodies,  graphic tee’s, button up shirts and even varsity jackets. To represent this capsule Allendale has sent GoodGarbs their official lookbook.



1F6C0001This Showcase features The @AllendaleWolves HEXHAM Button-up, @AllendaleWolves ALPHA T-shirt, Pair of Low-cut Converse Chuck Taylor’s, Cargo Shorts, and Leather Fedora.

1F6C0010This features the @AllendaleWolves  HENLEY Shirts & Denim Jacket

1F6C9950This features the @AllendaleWolves EVERCLEAR graphic t-shirt & @AllendaleWolves UNIVERSITY varsity jacket, w/ a pair of Nike sneakers.

KF1A7593 KF1A7494  JSS_9085 KF1A7516KF1A7618  KF1A7550

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  1. Shannon says:

    When/where can I cop the Allendalewolves collection??

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