Fashion| Ethik Summer I/II 2015 LookBook


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• Hailing from the gritty streets of NYC, is streetwear and casual design brand Ethik Clothing Co, aka ethikNY, who has decided to release their Summer series in two collections. Now that Summer is officially here, it is no better time to stock up on some the Ethik Summer collection which features items from snapbacks to baseball jersey’s. Remaining true to their mantra, the collection displays the brands fusion of fashion, propaganda, and rebellious ideology in a strategic line-up of pieces. The lookbook, taken in unique locations around New York, showcase the brands rendition of summer style with breathable yet perform ready fabrics and fun and energetic colorways. Their collection of headwear consist of snapback’s with camo color patterns or solid colors with bold “ethik” lettering. Along with the head gear, are a team of shirts, from t-shirts, to tanktops and even short sleeved button-ups. Ethik continue their collection with a small group of shorts that highlight the brand’s name as its stitched down the sides of the leg. Over all the lookbook is a great visual detailing what we all should consider Summer Gear.

To Get You Hands On ethikNY Summer 2015 Series I & II Click Here.


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