Music| Listen to New Single “Control Me” by @OBESONmusic via @ShorneMarkley

• Gifted to us from the musical findings of Shorne Markley, curator of Hegemon, Lavish and CMO at @TheEDMNetwork, is the newly re-released single “Control Me” by Toronto producer OBESØN. Obesøn curates a jazz based production that is plated perfectly for the vocal assistance from London based vocalist Sakima. The groove is structured around the redundant 808 bass and unpredictable synths. Mid-way we meet the sax soloing backed by the smooth key-work of the jazz piano and the the sudden vocal break that leads the rest of the song. The transparent mesh of these two talent’s leaves us with an organic outcome of what great music sounds like. This one collaboration is just one of our favorites from OBESØN here, but take time to check out “Say My Name” feat Cheney, “Take It” w/ Chris Diamond and “I Need You To Need Me” . More features from this collection of talent is sure to come, just stay tuned.


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