Lifestyle| ROLI’s Seaboard RISE MIDI Controller Is the Future of Keyboards

• We post on Artist and new music regularly but one aspect we gaze over that deserves a through attention is the production process. Many producers are featured here, but their creative process is a topic that we feel needs further delving into and the creators of ROLI’s Seaboard Rise Midi Controller gives us new technology we know producers and dj’s alike will appreciate. With the huge transition in music geared towards the growth of technology, ROLI acknowledged the need for a more comprehensive midi controller system that is small, simple yet powerful. Weather in the studio, at a rave or just on the road, producers and dj’s now have a comprehensive expressive keyboard which provides musicians with a contemporary and versatile instrument that is capable of shaping sound.

Sea Interface Technology turns the RISE into a pressure-sensitive surface that responses to even the lightest of touches and movements. In addition to these awesome features are the capabilities to shape notes, modulate sound and have real time response with various finger gestures. Inventor of the Seaboard and ROLI CEO Roland Lamb declares, “Finally, musicians have at their fingertips an affordable and accessible tool that lets them create authentic instrumental simulations in real time. Combined with its strength in creating fresh new sound interactions, the Seaboard RISE is truly a breakthrough for both musical performance and production.”

This new piece of interactive technology soars in advance musical capabilities as well as price. This will not be the cheapest piece of equipment in your studio, but will definitely play as a key component to the growth of one’s sound and abilities. With a retail price of $799 USD, the Seaboard RISE comes with Equator, the company’s custom-built software synthesizer designed exclusively for Expressive MIDI instruments. You can go ahead and pre-order yours today at select music stores and online. Visit Here!


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