Accessories| @MorecaAtelier Reveals Their Aviation Inspired “Phoenix Transatlantic” Collection

December 3rd, 1945 marks the day which Locked Superconstellation L749 aircraft of TWA company soared in the sky and made it’s first transatlantic trip from Washingtion to Paris. This spawned an era which inspired high-end luxury luggage and accessory brand Moreca Atelier to curate the Phoenix Transatlantic collection that embodies this exploration time period perfectly. Within the collection, each component is equipped with it’s own unique set of details and elements. Taking cues from the L749 aircraft’s design, the modern world-traveler will find excitement in toting around pieces crafted with an aged aesthetic and vegetable-tanned leather.

Adventure and old-age world travel is the seamless imagery you gather from the construction surrounding the Phoenix Transatlantic collection of backpacks and accessories. Replicating the aircraft’s shapes and lines of the shock-absorbing cushions on aircraft armchairs and seating, many pieces are renovated to depict this exact styling. The tanned leather is curried to resemble years of aging in the most natural state. This same leather is later treated with chestnut and mimosa extract, naturally dried, and polished with amber stone. The lining is drafted from superior quality natural suede, and almost all its metal accessories (hardware) are made by hand of nickel-plated brass, epitomizing metal of aircraft covering.

This being a luxury luggage brand, you can expect luxury prices to accompany these exclusively hand-crafted backpacks, wallets and carry-ons. From the smallest piece (Purser PH-3) starting at $550 (USD) to the renown Aviator PH-1 starting at $4,500 (USD), this collection is for the modern lavish globetrotter of today. Visit the official Moreca Atelier site for the full collection.


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