Music| #EPWeekly Now Listening To @HerMusicx New EP”Volume 1″

• Mystery builds momentum when it comes to maintain the public’s eye and one New York vocalist going by H.E.R, which I’m not sure if you specify the periods between each letter or no. Either way, her sound is registering city wide, but after an official Alicia Keys twitter just yesterday about this vocalist, H.E.R can say the world is now aware.

The self-titled 7 track EP dubbed H.E.R. Vol. 1 is an example of youthful vocals, tasteful writing and classic arrangement that resonates with listeners. Short yet soulful, the EP ventures through emotions and vibes that sits on everyone’s mind at one point or another. Her writing presents hope for a great new vocalist who has a vision and has mastered the way of delivering a message. A track that shows this strength of poetic placement is her outro track titled “Pigment Snippet” where she leaves you intrigued and engulfed in her story.


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