Music| Enjoy Some Monday Morning “Moon Pulls” by @NerveLeak


• Supplying some needed energy and electrifying vibes is Brooklyn, NY native NerveLeak with his latest release “Moon Pulls“. Nerve Leak, the electric producer/singer/engineer, crafts his sound from alluring lyrics and grasping electric grooves that serve as a energy booster to all listeners.

The lyrical love-story parades over the self produced track that NerveLeak mastermind solo and maintains his enticing sound. His message in Moon Pulls covers those feelings of being drawn towards someone who you have dreamed of holding and having to yourself. The career in electronic music isn’t one paved with gold, but Nerve Leak has seemed to pin-point which avenue he will travel through this industry. He has gained buzz-worthy responses to this release and we are looking forward to hearing more from the Brooklyn Boy.


Without looking into your eyes,
I feel something change.
Your back’s turned to me—
spine arched, worn tailbone,
slanted before me like a deprived flower
hurtling toward death. You bend yourself over,
caressing the floor with every breath.
Nothing’s still—I want to rush into you.
The texture of your shoulder blades
cannot absolve my animosity,
but the distance from here to
where I sever skin
feels farther.

Without looking in your eyes
I feel you close, closer than ever before.
I’ve wanted you here for so long,
here in my arms.
I taste your love
between your thighs.
What did I do to deserve you?
What can I do to keep you,
to love you?

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