Music|@TheChainsmokers Release “The One” The First Song Off Their Upcoming Album ‘Memories…Do Not Open’

• In preparation of their upcoming album, ‘Memories…Do Not Open’, The ChainSmokers have graced us with a sample of the anticipated release on next Friday. We had the chance to get a detailed point of view of the track from Alex and Drew for their single titled “The One”. Seeming very self-explanatory, the cinematic heart-felt record holds a deep and attaching message.

 Speaking with the duo, they were able to share that this record is one of their favorite off the album and is an expression of their journey they have experienced so far. When explaining this record they Alex & Drew touched on the verses saying the first describes how much their lives have changed since they began this journey just a few years back. They pinpoint the time they have missed with friends and family to make this music their priority and as grateful as they are, understand the sacrifice of it all. The second verse is detailing the feeling of being trapped to something you know is over. When a relationship is over and you’re scared to end it, what does one do?

This at ease record leads as a Single and has been confirmed as the very First song on the album. The energy from this records is a subtle introduction to a joyous masterpiece by our friends. You are now able to pre-order your copy of next Friday’s release (April 7th) on ITunes.


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