Accesories| @DSPTCH_SF Unveils Summer Collection of Ballistic Nylon Bags Dubbed “Moss”


• San Francisco based backpack and carry-on brand DSPTCH has released the lookbook for their Summer Collection dubbed “Moss” consisting of Ballistic Nylon in their renown moss-colorway.

Details:  This Release finalizes DSPTCH’s ongoing luggage -grade ballistic nylon series, being one of their more durable and abrasion-resistant frabics. The series see six major pieces including: Daypack, Ruckpack, Bookpack, Gym/WorkBag, Gym/WorkPack, and DoppKit.

Buyer’s Info: Price for these bags range from $62 – $240 USD; Now availble online via DSPTCH

…. View More Of The DSPTCH Release, ENJOY ….


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