Lifestyle| @BingingWBabish Shows How To Make Courtesan au Chocolat from ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’

• One part Chef, another part Filmaker and a dash of Film enthusiasm and you have the Youtube cooking sensation known as Binging With Babish.  Utilzing some of films most delectible dishes, Babish makes great use of his culinary skills and re-creates some popular recipes. Today’s choice was the renown Courtesan au Chocolat from West Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Sinking his sweet tooth into this, Babish takes on this elaborate desert due to it’s importance within the film but also it’s high level culinary difficulty. Courtesan au Chocolat is comprised of a three tier chocolate filled profiteroles that have been dosed in pastel icing. As the difficulty suggest, we watch as Chef Andrew recreates the dessert but finds little satisfaction with his final product.

Adding to his seemingly successful Youtube series, Chef Andrew has decided to release a book of all his film inspired recipes. Check it out and get your copy now.

….. Watch Binging With Babish Above, ENJOY ….


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