Footwear| @Tretorn Teams Up With @Argo_Concepts To Celebrate #NYLITE 50th Anniversary



• Swedish shoe wear design brand Tretorn is commemorating the 50th year anniversary milestone for it’s renown sihlouette NYLITE. Apart of this celebration, Tretorn has called on the talent’s of 50 establish fashion/art tastemakers to customize their own rendition of the sneaker. Reinventing the retro classic by utilizing their own artist prism, are a collection of artist including Andre 3000, Jeff Staple, and The Shoe Surgeon, and displayed is the remake that shoe customizer Argo Concepts designed.

Argo Concepts took to customizing this shoes by simply starting from scratch and rebuild the shoe entirely. Unlike many of the other artist featured, Argo Concepts feature these with a soft tonal brown set as the key color scheme, quality measures we’re pegged as the project’s main focus as the shoe was meticulously cut and hand-stitched.

The project culminates with an end of year charity event, where each masterpiece will be auctioned off.

….. Enjoy More Views Of The Treton Nylite’s feat. Andre 3000 Below, ENJOY ….


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