Music| Tune Into @ModernDayLyfe New Tape ‘All 5 or Nothing’


Left to Right: Drum.Lxrdd, YungBagz, DollababyKash & UpTown HB

• A New Jersey based group of high energy, hard lyrics and instruments come together to form what is known as MDG (Modern Day Generation). This 5 artist arsinel is filled with everything it takes to make strong, club ready, hit records. A Producer/Engineer, multiple rappers/writers and even a drummer take on today’s music industry with a uptempo style and a story to tell.

Recently, the group released their latest EP titled “All 5 or Nothing” which plays on their continuous support for one another and loyalty to the group they started. Signed to RGF Records ( Home of Fetty Wap), these young talents have already made a name for themselves by going on tours, releasing videos and maintaining their momenteum. ‘All 5 or Nothing’ is a short five track EP that introduces new listeners to their gritty/trap like style. With most of the production coming from team-member DollaBaby, the EP sees all the teammates delivering hard lyrics and fantastic wordplay.

…. Tune Into ‘All 5 or Nothing’ Ep Above, ENJOY ….

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