Music| Listen To New Artist On Our #HumpDay Playlist ft. @ImScootie @SB_Drewski @Jonah4Lyfe & More


Try‘ by DREW$KI is another feature we have from this artist in the last month. The hunger, the passion and talent are all present on his latest release dubbed ‘Try’. The song speaks directly to the ambitious hustlers out here trying to make their dreams a reality. DREW$KI seems to be a leading example of this and his music shows his work ethic. Released today, ‘Try’ also is accompanied by Drews Music Video for this track.


DRAMA‘ by Scootie is a smooth yet seductive track that speaks sensually but is direct in meaning. Placing his stance on DRAMA, the LA-based crooner Scootie speaks on his feelings and attitude towards the BS. Self produced with help from Mr.Franks, Scootie has a sizzling hit here with this grasping record. Enjoy.


MICHUUL.‘ by DUCKWRTH maintains the funky, dance-ready vibes that Duck has become renown for creating. Paying homage to the King Of Pop, Micheal Jackson (whoms Birthday was yesterday 8.29), this record plays on DUCK’s lyrical and melodic strengths. Continiously, Duck makes you feel alive and young with his tracks and this one is no different.


The Way You Make Me Feel‘ by ELYAH ft. Jonah4Lyfe slows things down, embraces emotions and amplifies passion as ELYAH designed an amazing production full of grand pianos, violins, and angelic vocals in the background. Jonah provides vehement vocals detailing the extreme emotions he feels towards his love one. Threatened to no longer exist, Jonah talks his lover off the edge of destruction and into his arms of embrace. Slow but dramatic, this record will bring your #Humpday to a peaceful calm.


HBD MJ‘ by RU AREYOU is a drifting instrumental that will simply carry you away with the subtle sampling of major hits from Pop Icon Micheal Jackson. Paying Homage to the late great musican, RU takes this time to craft yet another intoxicating record. If the King Of Pop was alive today I am sure he wouldn’t contest that this is perfect #HumpDay vibes.

…. The Official Music Video To DREW$KI’S ‘TRY’ Is Below, ENJOY ….

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