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Design| GA Design Returns W/ Breathe Taking ‘Infinity House’


Brand: GA Design/ Lead Architect Rajan Goregaoker (Built in 2017)

Location: Lonavala, India

Designer Details: Stylist (Dollar Shah); Design Team (SWAPNIL / YOGESH / MANOJ)

Features: Infinity Swimming Pool; Spa and Jacuzzi; Huge Balcony; For A Family of Four (But Rooms 10)

Editor Notes: “Planned with a brief of maximizing views of the sea and enabling a nexus with the environment, the villa for a family of four has been conceived on a plot of land that is deeply contoured with a steep slope towards the valley. With stupendous views, where earth, water and the environment amalgamate to demonstrate nature’s phenomenon, the villa has been planned with most of the rooms optimizing the views.” said by the architect.

Luxurious Simplicity is the description of this fantasy styled home. Utilizing materials such as exotic Brazilian granite, leather furniture, travertine marble table tops and a blue granite dining table top are just a few features.  Many views are offered from this house like facing the valley, creating panoramic views for the more public zone of the house.

…. View More Of GA Design’s ‘Infinity House’ Above, ENJOY ….



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