Fashion| @Nike Air Jordan Teams w/ @Gatorade In “Be Like Mike” Capsule

🎀 ‘I Want To Be, I Want To Be Like MIKE’ 🎧


β€’ For any adult who grew up during the 90’s, the simple slogan “Be Like Mike” is nostalgic and an anthem that propelled our inner athlete forward. Just about 20 years has passed since the iconic Gatorade commercial featuring Micheal Jordan and the lullaby that grasped our attention so long ago. To pay homage to those Golden years, Nike Air Jordan has teamed with hydrating sports drink brand Gatorade for a clasping ‘Be Like Mike’ capsule collection.

Utilizing the Miami-inspired colorways of Gatorade, the collection boasts bright orange and green pieces with the brand’s logo and lightning bolt emblem. Hoodies, both short- and long-sleeved shirts, shorts and hats are all included in this energetic capsule which is available in stores and online.

…. All Views Of Nike Air Jordan x Gatorade’s ‘Be Like Mike’ Collection Above, ENJOY ….

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