Music| @LoloZouai Unveils Uptempo Single Titled “Blue”


• Currently hailing from New York, is an angelic vocalist with a sinister pen game and she goes by the name Lolo Zouai. Quietly playing the sidelines of this music industry, Lolo is no stranger to releasing music and performing for fans, but now she is delivering with a casue. 2018 is starting off strong for the Beret wearing beauty who is apparently feeling shaded in her latest single “Blue“.

The subtle French influence makes way throughout the lyrics in Lolo’s newest single. Suprisingly energetic and uptempo, ‘Blue’ is about the vibes of awakening to a strong hangover after leaving someone on ‘Red’. Lolo is delivering that seductive nightlife sound that trances you towards the dance floor. With the year just starting, we hope to see much more of Lolo and her diverse style.

Listen To Lolo Zouai’s ‘Blue’ BAove & Then Listen To Her Hit Track “High Highs To Low Lows”, ENJOY!

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