Design| @Schemataarchitects Re-Vitalizies Japanese Capsule Hotel


• Scemata Architects have taken to Japanese Capsule Hotels to give it the needed re-vitailing that was much desired. Located in the heart of bustling district of Ebisu, Tokyo, is the 8-story hotel named ‘℃ (Do-C)’ which is a member of the hotel chain dubbed ‘9h (nine hours)’. The ℃ Hotel still manages to be within a league of its own.

In an attempt to rid the stereotype of being a no-frills lodge for businessmen who have missed the last train, Schemata Architects has completely remodeled the interior and exterior, but have opted to keep the traditional bed-pods intact to maintain its authenticity as a “real” capsule hotel. The hotel incorporates modern materials such as fiber-reinforced plastic in the shower and sauna area, anti-corrosive paint, and TOTO “Warm Pillar” shower faucets.

At a simple $50 a night, you can try out this revolutionary hotel experience.


℃ (Do-C) Ebisu
1-8-1 Ebisu
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Take A Closer Look At Scemata Architects Work At ℃ (Do-C) Below, ENJOY!



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