Music| Take A Musical Trip w/ @ThatsHymn New EP #PST (Pacific Standard Time)


• Mysterious crooner ThatsHYMN has been a surfacing artist that took the internet by staorm starting early last year. With just a few singles out, the lyrical vocalist has decided that fans still must wait to see his face, but they deserve some amazing music and to accomapny that, Hymn decided to make it a true experience as well. Withbthe marketing mavericks’ over at Vate Row Records, ThatsHymn has designed a unique experience for his fans to journey through to enjoy his music.

Dubbed ‘PST (Pacific Standard Time)’, this short EP is a visual, interactive musical experience that will have fans following HYMN’s motion and movements for a while. This unique approach only adds to the mystery & amazement that HYMN poses. Deviously delivering dope content seems to be apart of the Vate Row process as their roster of heavy hitting talent tends to get to the fore-front of the music scene immediately.

Enjoy the full experience at ThatHYMN’s PST website & Use The Pass Code #102210 To Access! Safe Travels!

Click The Link Above To Listen & Experience #PST by ThatsHYMN, ENJOY!

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