Music| ‘Saving Souls’ @SangoBeats Finally Releases #ITCO


• This past Friday, Sango released his overly anticipated album titled ‘In The Comfort Of‘ via Entertainment One. Now available everywhere, we have had our ear to this project for quite some time and have developed a true appreciation for the Spiritual & Musical genuineness throughout this album. The overall message that is being shared by Sango with this album seems to be “Comfort is a choice based on what you value and appreciate.” As many fear being comfortable for the concept of settling, but we are all chacing eternal comfort & peace and focusing on the direction God, The Universe & your intuition leads you is just for you.

This project of 17-tracks sees some amazing vocal features along with some production assist on a few tracks. Names like Jesse Boykins III, Jon Bap, Smino Brown, JMSN, Marr Grey, & so many more make this exclusive line-up. Sticking to his roots, Sango even recruits some of his AGO Music family for this album as well including Waldo, Joose The Conqueror, The SEVENth & Savon. The collection of sounds thumb through multiple genres, influences and tempos. Leading with heavily faith-based records, the tape spills out to more emotional records and plenty of just uplifting works.

Being a musical risk taker & cultural pioneer, Sango takes to his music like no-one else. To give a quick line-up of must-listen to records, well honestly you should listen to it from top to bottom. If we had to place our favorite’s though, it would lead with the instrumental track ‘One More Thing‘. This record was the first track Sango debuted in his ‘South End‘ short film. Next, ‘Speak‘ which pays spiritual homage to God, and features Waldo, Leuca & Joose The Conqueror. This record is followed by the Jesse Boykins record dubbed “2wogether” which is a strong love record detailing how sucessful one can be when with his/her true love. A couple of additional favorites include “On Me” featuring Jon Bap & The SEVENth, “Out My Way/Around You“, “Khlorine” & “Chemistry“. The entire project is truly worth a listen.

Take A Full Listen To Sango’s ‘In The Comfort Of’ Album Below, ENJOY!


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