Design| A Thailand Home With Mother-Nature In Mind


Chiang Mai is the stationed location for a newly installed modern-style home called the Maxime Residence, crafted by the great people of Blank Studios. In the hear of Thailand, situated around a floral oasis, this architecture is meant to embrace the nature around it. The home’s exterior is plated perfectly in relation to the terrain and space around it and this same fact is prevalent for the interior of the house as well. Space is utilized very wisely inside this modern construct, that exposes the details of the home with large scale windows.

The home is broken into 3-sections, whic are as follows: the parlour, master quarter and service area all respectively placed to a connect terrace. The stone wall design allows this close-quarters space to let public space be public and private space private.

Take Time To View More Of The Thailand Home ‘Maxime Residence’ Below!


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