Music| @DutchboyAGE Let’s It Be Known He’s A ‘Name, Not A Number’


New Jersey’s DutchBoy has been on our music radar since early 2013 and has maintained his ferocious focus to this day. Dutch resurfaces with a new self-produced, self-engineered and completely solo album dubbed ‘Name, Not A Number‘. He teased the expected vibe with his single release of ‘No Vacancy‘, a hard hitting record delivering the witty flow Dutch has become renown for. Today he unleshes the entire Spring/Summer ready project that is drenched in dynamic production, stimilating samples and ballistic bars.

‘Name, Not A Number’ is a short listen of only 5-records but is strategically split-up in sound and delivery. Dutchboy is not new to preparing easy to digest track, as he has done so before alongside platinium producer NOVA, for their #Freesauce EP. This project is more of a statement project for Dutchboy and his capabilities within music. This release has much potential to be spinning all Summer at plenty of hotel and car roof-tops.

Listen To The Entire ‘Name, Not A Number’ Album Below and Watch ‘No Vacancy’ Above!

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