Music| @DutchboyAGE Let’s It Be Known He’s A ‘Name, Not A Number’


New Jersey’s DutchBoy has been on our music radar since early 2013 and has maintained his ferocious focus to this day. Dutch resurfaces with a new self-produced, self-engineered and completely solo album dubbed ‘Name, Not A Number‘. He teased the expected vibe with his single release of ‘No Vacancy‘, a hard hitting record delivering the witty flow Dutch has become renown for. Today he unleshes the entire Spring/Summer ready project that is drenched in dynamic production, stimilating samples and ballistic bars.

‘Name, Not A Number’ is a short listen of only 5-records but is strategically split-up in sound and delivery. Dutchboy is not new to preparing easy to digest track, as he has done so before alongside platinium producer NOVA, for their #Freesauce EP. This project is more of a statement project for Dutchboy and his capabilities within music. This release has much potential to be spinning all Summer at plenty of hotel and car roof-tops.

Listen To The Entire ‘Name, Not A Number’ Album Below and Watch ‘No Vacancy’ Above!

Music| #NewMusicMondays feat. @DutchboyAGE & @SoundsByNova w/ #FreeSauce


Dutchboy & Nova have influenced a lot more then some are willing to admit, but their newest release is just proof of their sound and wave. Nova quietly has managed to acquire a few plaques with hit production on albums of artist like 6lack, Smokepurpp and others. Nova’s clout continues to climb while Dutchboy maintains his momentuem from his debut release ‘When I’m Not Around‘. Together this would stand as their duo debut release but true fans know these two have been at it since 2009.

#FREESAUCE encapselates the journey thus far that is Dutchbot & Nova from the two internet friends in their early stages, to stand-alone musical influencers who when fused together architects musical hits like “West Ting“, “Moments” and many more. 16 methodically designed records tell a tale of growth, experience and indifference to the BS. Appealing to all your musical senses, the tape gives you a bundle of vibes to discover which sits best with you. We Guarantee One WILL Stick!


Music| 5 #HumpDay Hits (Feat. @SoundsByNova, @EliasSostre, & more) That Will Get You Through The Day


‘DIDN’T KNOW’ by Nova is a summer breathing record with a soft soca/island vibe that allows Nova to get rather melodic. This dance ready record is placed right at the end of summer as Nova gears listeners for a upcoming project.


‘Saving Face’ by Eli SoStre is a thriving track from his latest EP release dubbed Sleep Is For The Weak. This short, interlude like, record weighs in with trance production and Eli gracing the record as he tends to do. This EP definitely signifies Eli’s lyrical and vocal growth.


‘Heavenly Father’ by Waldo is a heartfelt quo to the leading force in AGO rapper Waldo’s world… His Heavenly Father. Assisted by AGO mate Mozaic for production, This hard-knocking, mystical beat surrounds Waldo’s appreciation track to God & the many blessings he has encountered.


Avenue‘ by H.E.R slows things down, removes the blinds and delivers a message of putting your’s first. The mystery of H.E.R alone will always lead us back, but her vocal range and penmenship transforms your world. The singing siren places HER shoes on your feet as she gives her side of the story.


‘Float’ by Savon feat. Melat is a underground match made in heaven. AGO’s producer extrodinare Savon teams up with Texas’ cute cantor Melat for a new single leading up to an anticipated release. Savon provides the perfect assist for the songbird Melat to wail on.


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Music| @DutchBoyAGE Pops Back Up “Like This” w/ New Release


• The Jersey-kid known as DutchBoy to Jersey and the music scene with fresh and inspiring work which fans have been patiently waiting for.

If you follow young Dutch’s social media at all, you will know he has been on hiatus in the sunny streets of California, running through festivals and studios with fellow artist such as Oshi and Nova. Working is what we as listeners have expected of Dutch and he reminds fans just why they wait. “Like This” produced by Joey Castellani, this up-tempo tropical beat is shaded by sadden lyrics but great vocal arrangement. Dutch spills his emotions on what happens when you are betrayed by the one you trusted dearly, but manages to set a mood of optimism in the air.

Lyrics like “Never ever thought you do me like this” shows his high disbelief in what has occurred. One fact is that people are as replaceable as we may treat them and going so long without a Dutchboy release showed how anxious his sound makes us.


Music| @SoundsByNova “Move” (Prod. @producedbyKRS & @KINGBNJMN) Just Dropped


• The LA kid NOVA is back with yet another monthly release. He continues to throw music out like free throws, but this is a huge shot for him as he drops ‘MOVE‘. This classic dark indie rap that he has perfected shines on this KRS. & BNJMN produced beat. Now let’s take a second to acknowledge that anytime you have KRS and BNJMN on a track, well it’s a hit! Becoming more than just indie famous, Krs and BNJMN are both reaching industry recognized status and the boy NOVA is like a younger brother to these guys. Being real the title alone will secure 100k listens, but the content once again shows NOVA is proper with the pen.

Energized by a soft keyboard melody and sharp piccolo snare, this easy-listen track allows NOVA to tell his tale. Commenting about his planned take-over, series of struggles and the triumphs and displaying his wit-full word play makes ‘MOVE’ a strong add on to his amazing collection of tracks. The triangle offense approached utilized here is amazing and showcases the capabilities of this young generation of professional house-based producers.


Music| @DutchBoyAge Turns “Cold” On New Release Feat. @JustMillsKing

• Right when the weather starts to heat up, New Jersey artist DutchBoy chooses to get “Cold” and is accompanied by lyricist Justin Mills who features some icy bars at towards the end of this newly released record. With production assistance from LA-based producer and great friend of Dutch’s, NOVA, this track starts with their renown melodic sounds. Dutch teases the strong bass drop with keys and guitar and some mumbled melodic lyrics. Touching on his thoughts and emotions towards being over focused and having little time for his ‘Misses’. Maintaining his trending trance style, the young talent invest more his vocal capabilities with this release and allows Justin Mills to lyrically finesse the rest. “Cold” stays true to the name is definitely one of the more frigid features of recent.

With no EP or Album announced, we are patiently awaiting a project from Dutchboy. His talent has kept our attention and hits like “Cold” keeps our focus right where it needs to be. As The duo (DutchBoy & NOVA) continue to grow we appreciate their sounds and look forward to their future in the industry. Keep an ear out for more from Dutch!


Music| @SoundsByNova Intros In The New R&B w/ “Far Away”

• 2 am seemed like the ideal time to go SoundCloud surfing and not to far in our session we stumble across a new repeat tune of the night but also an intro to the new-age of R&B. Unbeknownst to us, apparently the genre need remodeling and the new sound renovations are a perfect fit. One half of the young tandem talents, Nova is the right ear to Dutchboy & takes his “Moment” to get the web buzzing. “Far Away” is Nova’s latest and one of his more grasping sounds as he ventures further into his vocal capability, arrangement and engineering. Known for his more mystical sounds, this time Nova gives into making a more infectious tune with the right amount of tempo.

The question remains, What Genre Is This? Nova has yet to claim a genre nor do we think he cares about labeling his music. “Far Away” is a much more melodic tune from Nova which raises interest in the R&B genre, and the lyrics are relatable to blues as Nova shares feelings of separation. Overall he continues to recreate his sound and expand his audience. We like it!



Music| @DutchBoyAGE Snaps On “Moment” prod. @SoundsByNOVA

• Jersey maintains the public ear’s interest with mind grasping productions and resonating lyrics, and one of the leaders of this style is young DutchBoy. With industry woos early in his race, Dutch displays that nothing can slow Dutch down. Well besides the advantageous hook changes featured by Nova when he’s on production. The two team up yet again for what seems to be a momentous release that adds to his momentum (#Wordplay).  Dubbed “Moment“, Dutch makes it clear that his time is at hand and with plans for an upcoming release, the young man might be right. A confident tone drives the entire track but the laid back LA production stays with you in this declaration record. Relaying his message, Dutch reverts to his trust in Nova to choreograph the best delivery.

As listeners to music we appreciate their detail to dope engineering and need to use metaphors in their lyrics. We see a future for both these #Under25 class of artistic leaders and Dutch is representing Jersey in the perfect way. We are expecting a project from both artist before the year is out and look forward to what they will release.


Music| Tune Into The Trap To Trance Record “I Just” by @16yroid + @SoundsByNova

• Determined to make it evident that 2016 is fruitful, young artist are not hesitating in releasing hit records, and we are specifically speaking about the astronautic sounds of Cali based producer/rapper/writer Nova and youthful producer/engineer 16 yr old. Newest release “Just I” features the trap/trance trending production meshed with Nova lyrically rioting over the 808 heavy trap first half of this duel-vibe record and coast smoothly on the trance styled final portion. The production & awe-inspiring engineering makes rewinding that much easier.

Just I, may easily become the mantra of 2016 as the track nor the artist stutter-steps or hesitates at delivering. Nova’s pen takes full advantage of this 16 yr old beat and has all potential to rally some rebelled youth to build and destroy all in one track. 16 yr old makes the musical transition almost transparent by utilizing the same melody but dropping the tempo down a few clicks. Trap to Trance is a trend that many attempt but few polish as finely as these two production juggernauts. With 2016 just a day away, the expectation for what to expect from these underage pros is uncanny. We will do what we do best, keep you posted!


Music| Tune In To “Gone” by @SOUNDSBYNOVA

• It’s time to accept it ladies and gentlemen! We all try to stay ahead of the music shifts, but we are here to proclaim that 2016 collection of new up and coming artist will be lead by California Producer/Melody Rapper NOVA who has been 2015 most consistent music artist thus far. Releasing a track a week since September, NOVA has become an anticipated sound that fans are gravitating towards the more he creates. Continuing on his musical journey, the young talent released his latest self-produced track “Gone“, which is another scene of Nova featuring Nova, produced by Nova and engineered by our favorite, NOVA! Standing as his own production and engineering team, the 20 year-old is building a standard that many will mimic in the near future.

Gone” consist of less mystic and more straight edge, hard hitting record with a 808-inspired drum pattern and grand pianos that sound as if they were played in an all marble high ceiling venue. Maintaining his usual colossal styled music arrangement, the lyrics are agile and fun like the lifestyle Nova tends to lead. Lyrics like “I Go So Hard On The Instrumental“, displays Nova’s confidence of where he is musically and where he is heading in this industry. With out any major shows, very few features and hardly any label backing, we are now announcing that you are tuning into one of 2016’s break out artist. His sound will keep surfacing as he maintains relationships with rising artist as well as continuously delivering amazing music.