Music| @DutchBoyAGE Pops Back Up “Like This” w/ New Release



• The Jersey-kid known as DutchBoy to Jersey and the music scene with fresh and inspiring work which fans have been patiently waiting for.

If you follow young Dutch’s social media at all, you will know he has been on hiatus in the sunny streets of California, running through festivals and studios with fellow artist such as Oshi and Nova. Working is what we as listeners have expected of Dutch and he reminds fans just why they wait. “Like This” produced by Joey Castellani, this up-tempo tropical beat is shaded by sadden lyrics but great vocal arrangement. Dutch spills his emotions on what happens when you are betrayed by the one you trusted dearly, but manages to set a mood of optimism in the air.

Lyrics like “Never ever thought you do me like this” shows his high disbelief in what has occurred. One fact is that people are as replaceable as we may treat them and going so long without a Dutchboy release showed how anxious his sound makes us.


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